Welcome to Dance at Promenade

At Promenade Dance Studio, we aim to inspire each student to realise his or her own potential, and are committed to providing the highest quality dance education in a positive and encouraging learning environment. We are located on the northside in Brisbane, in our very own purpose built studios in Kedron.
Continually motivating students to work to the best of their ability, we place an emphasis on nurturing the creativity and individuality of each student, while still maintaining and developing the more demanding technical and aesthetic aspects of dance.
Dance at Promenade extends much further than just the steps or the music.

We Love Dance!
For fun, for friends, for life…

Student Success

“Australian Ballet”Daniel Gaudiello (Principal Artist)Awarded “Most Outstanding Male Dancer” (Australian Dance Awards 2011), Telstra Ballet Dancer Award (2007)
“Australian Ballet School”Daniel Gaudiello, Jack Lister and Abby Kent
“Queensland Ballet Professional Year”Daniel Gaudiello, D’Arcy Brazier and Jack Lister
“Queensland Ballet”Jack Lister
“Scuola di Teatro e del Balletto di Milano (Milan, Italy)”Monique Morfea
“Centro Studio Coreografici, Teatro Carcano (Milan, Italy)”Monique Morfea
“Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines”Deanna Castellana, Aleisha Bauer, Megan Schoenmaker
“Universal Studios (Singapore)”Maryanne Nucifora
“Strictly Ballroom – The Musical (Brisbane Season)”Damon Poletto, Alice Lowther
“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – The Musical (Brisbane Season)”Abbey Gayton and Bella Morwood
“Magic Casino ‘Genesis’ Show (Phuket)”Aleisha Bauer
“Princess Cruise Lines”Rochelle Steinbergs
“QUT”Deanna Castellana, BFA (Dance), Daniella Crismani, BCI (Dance), Kimberley Blaney, BFA (Dance) Currently enrolled, Megan Lanser, BFA (Dance) Currently enrolled and Jess Boyd, BFA (Dance) Currently enrolled
“Royal Academy of Dance Examiner”Daniella Crismani
“Royal Academy of Dance Teaching Certificate/CBTS”Daniella Crismani, Bianca Castellana and Lisa Bianchi
“Royal Academy of Dance, Solo Seal Award”Aleisha Bauer
“Melbourne Ballet Company”Aleisha Bauer
“Queensland Dance School of Excellence”Daniel Gaudiello, Deanna Castellana, Monique Morfea, Rochelle Steinbergs, Rebecca Thomas, Victoria Bonnet, Aleisha Bauer, Jack Lister, Leah Morgan, Adrienne Turner, D’Arcy Brazier, Maddy Kendall, Daisy Brazier, Saska Scoon, Shaun Curtis, Beth Curtis, Anastasia Sellwood, Grace Campbell and Jocelyn Harrison
“Junior Associate Program & Interstate Program, Australian Ballet”Jack Lister, Shaun Curtis and Niamh Kent
“Junior/Senior Programs, Queensland Ballet”Nicola Jones, Grace Campbell
“Junior Extension Program, Queensland Ballet”Rochelle Steinbergs, Aleisha Bauer, Shaun Curtis and Niamh Kent
“Expressions Dance Company ‘Carmen’”Megan Schoenmaker
“Brisbane City Youth Ballet”Nina Pilgujski, Emma Mackie, Alex Zitny, Caitlin Bills, Shaun Curtis, Abby Kent, Niamh Kent, Chiara Poletto, Lachlan Spencer, Gabrielle Brett, Grace Campbell, Isabel Christodoulou, Annalisa DeBonis, Olivia Doukas, Nicola Jones, Daniela Kostoglou, Stevie McCallum, Bella Melov, Alexis Melov, Lily Smith, Julia White, Emilia Bignami, Amelia Kratz, Lillian Maloney, Ella Pysden, Eszter Pungur, Piper Applefield, Ava Walters, Abi-Lee Gardner, Isabella Gardner, Damon Poletto
“Ballet Theatre of Queensland”Deanna Castellana, Lachlan Spencer, Jade Morris
“RAD Jacqueline Morland Awards”Adrienne Turner (Junior Finalist 2009), Shaun Curtis (Finalist 2012 – Top 8) and Abby Kent (Finalist 2012 – Top 8)
“Glenn Wood Tap Scholarship”Brittany Dunk (Intermediate Winner 2010)
“Harvest Rain Theatre Company”Verity Ling (role of Brigita in The Sound of Music) and Ella Boxsell (Harvest Rain Theatre Internship)
“Ecole Dance and Theatre”Monique Morfea
“Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts”Victoria Bonnet
“Brentstreet”Adrienne Turner
“Dance World Studios”Rochelle Steinbergs
“ED5 (Sydney)”Rebecca Thomas
“The Space”Leah Morgan
“ADPI”Alannah Bianchi and Maryanne Nucifora
“Australia’s Got Talent”Glenn Bowling (Odyssey) – Finalist
““Annie” The Musical”Emma Mackie – Final Round Annie Audition
“Brisbane Broncos Cheer Squad”Rochelle Steinbergs
“Queensland Academy for Creative Industries”Verity Ling
“Lead Role ‘Jorjie’ in K9 – Children’s Series, Channel 10”Philippa Coulthard
“TV Pilot “Forlon Gaze””Meg Lanser
“Nikki Webster Film Clip “Devilicious””Rebecca Thomas
“Brian McFadden Film Clip “Come Party””Rochelle Steinbergs
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